Shine Drums offers a wide variety of shell options and choices to our customers. With options ranging from ply and acrylic to solid-shell and even metals, every Shine artists has the ability to tailor the exact drum shell they need to their exact needs. Below are some shell options available: 
Maple/Birch/Mahogany Ply Shells
  - Available standard in 6-Ply Toms, 8-Ply Bass & 10-Ply Snare
  - Multi-Ply options available
Steam-Bent Shells
  - All Bookmatched Single-Ply Wood
  - Popular Species: Zebra, Curly, Cherry, Beech, Oak, Bubinga, Ash & more
Acrylic Shells
  - Available in 1/4" and 1/2" Shell Thickness
  - Transparent, Pearls, Sparkles, Stripes, Bead Blasting and more
Segmented Shells
  - Available in Many Exotic Species
  - Available in 1/4" - 7/16"
Aluminum Shells
Stainless Steel Shells
Bell Brass Shells
Hybrid Shells


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